If you are looking for a unique or unusual tipple to add to your collection then this is the blog post for you. We recommend interesting and at times utterly unusual bottles of drink, as well as a selection of brilliant gift, hampers from our sister site, Tipple Hamper Co. From a botanical pink rum to a gin made with real squid ink, the world's first pure milk vodka to a gin made with CBD oil, each one of our recommendations makes brilliant gift ideas for any special occasion.


Dr Squid Gin

Made with real squid ink from a secret recipe created in Penzance Cornwall. This unique addition is served from a copper flask engraved with the scenery, wildlife, folklore, and history that surrounds them. Vanilla was added to the base of the recipe to give a well-rounded mouthfeel and perceived sweetness, coupled with sea buckthorn for a tart, fresh fruit finish. Dr Squid pours black and when mixed with tonic turns a vivid pink.

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Masons Yorkshire Tea Edition Gin

Masons award-winning Dry Yorkshire Gin is a drink with real personality. They've added Yorkshire Tea to this batch for a unique flavour sensation. Subtle notes of cardamom and coriander spice. These are lifted by citrus, leading to a long, dry, black tea finish. For a deliciously dry G&T, we recommend serving with plenty of ice, Fever-Tree Indian tonic water and a twist of lemon zest.

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Colorado High CBD Gin

The premium quality CBD oil used in Colorado High CBD Gin is amongst the world’s best and is sourced from hemp grown in the clean air and rich, fertile soil of the Rockies in Colorado, USA. Expert distillers have capitalised on the citrus notes of CBD, which are similar to grapefruit, to handcraft a truly refreshing and delicious citrusy gin. Its cloudy appearance is a natural consequence of the high quantity of CBD within it. Suffused with 200mg of the finest CBD in the world, Colorado High CBD Gin is best served with a premium Indian tonic, a handful of ice and finished with a garnish of grapefruit zest.

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Fifty/50/Gin is different, different because they have aged half of their London dry style gin in casks for 20 years! They applied their knowledge of maturing great whiskies and Fifty/50 has taken on many of these classic characteristics. For the first 10 years they chose virgin oak casks, to infuse sweet vanilla, ginger and strong oak flavours. Since time plays such a great roll in maturation, for the second 10 years they chose ex whisky casks. These allowed the wood to slowly impart greater depth and a more gentle range of flavours.

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Ultimate Quirky Gin Hamper

A luxury gin gift set with a quirky twist! Our Ultimate Quirky Gin Hamper comes with a brilliant assortment of gins that have been hand-selected for their unique and distinctive flavour profiles. From a deep and flavourful London Dry style gin that has been aged in casks for 20 years to a gin made with real squid ink! All of these unusual gins will make a fabulous range of extraordinarily intriguing cocktails. 

Artisan Pink Gin Hamper

Our Artisan Pink Gin Hamper includes a trio of full-size gin bottles that have been hand-selected for their unique and delicious flavour profiles. The perfect luxury gift for any pink gin enthusiast, this brilliant assortment of world-class gins is sure to delight any pink gin connoisseur. This pink gin gift set is ideal for Valentine's Day, a special anniversary or birthday and makes a truly wonderful gift for someone special.

Premium Orkney Mikkelmas Gin Hamper

Inspired by Mikkelfeast, or the Feast of St Michael, Orkney Distillery - Micklemas Gin features a delicious autumnal mix of botanicals including orange peel, juniper berries, heather berries, wild rose hips and cinnamon. This premium gin gift hamper comes with two cans of premium Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, two stunning glasses and some delicious artisan snacks including indulgent chocolate truffles and mint chocolate popcorn.


Twin Fin Coconut & Lychee Rum

Twin Fin Coconut and Lychee Rum is bold and bright with beautiful notes of fresh lychee and vibrant coconut. Coconut sorbet, wild strawberry and melon on the palate, it has a lovely aromatic crisp finish of wild strawberry and melon. This Coconut & Lychee Rum is perfect in a Pina Colada for a lively cocktail or with fresh lemonade and lots of ice.

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Kraken Black Spiced Rum

The Kraken is an imported rum from the Caribbean blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth and legend, The Kraken is bold, rich, black and smooth. The largest shipment of Caribbean black spiced rum was said to be brought down by The Kraken. The rum was named in its honour, as it was as dark and mysterious as the beast’s ink. The Kraken is housed in a replica of a Victorian flagon, which allowed the bottle to be hung up on board ships so it would not roll around and come to harm.

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Coyaba Salted Caramel Rum 

Packed full of caramel and Cornish Sea Salt, Coyaba Salted Caramel Rum is a salted caramel rum full of warmth and character. Made with a blend of Caribbean rums, it’s a salty sensation and perfect for that beach barbecue. Delicious when served with lemonade and a wedge of lime, this rum can also be enjoyed with ginger ale and a slice of lime.

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Cloven Hoof Pink Botanical Rum

Cloven Hoof has worked wonders and created the first rum in the world to mix with tonic! Bursting with zesty summer flavours, Pink Hoof is a delightfully refreshing alternative to gin and tonic. Pink Hoof is a blend of 5-year-old barrel-aged rum from Trinidad Distillers and unaged white rum from Guyana’s famous Diamond Distillery. The rum is charcoal filtered to make it clearer, purer and smoother. Infused with a magical combination of natural extracts: the natural sweetness of raspberry and elderflower, the tang of rhubarb, and floral-scented flavours from the rose petal.

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Rumbullion! and Mixer Gift Set

The perfect gift for any rum lover, this hamper features Ableforth's Rumbullion!. An award-winning spiced rum that has been expertly blended with carefully selected Caribbean rum. This rum gift hamper comes with a full-size bottle of Rumbullion! as well as two bottles of premium ginger beer so you can create the perfect rum drinking experience from the comfort of your home. 

Premium Rum Selection Hamper

Enjoy a bespoke selection of some of the finest rums around with our Premium Rum Selection Hamper. A fantastic gift idea for the rum lover in your life, or a perfect self-gift if you’re partial to a drop of the good stuff, this rum hamper includes an indulgent selection of well-known and well-loved brands. 

Coyaba Tropical Mango Rum, Mixer and Glasses Gift Set

Featuring Coyaba Tropical Mango Rum, this gift hamper is a tropical delight! Made with mangos, 'the king of fruits' and a blend of Caribbean rums, Coyaba Tropical Mango Rum is a big, juicy taste sensation that is exploding with natural flavour. This rum gift hamper comes with a full-size bottle of Coyaba Tropical Mango Rum as well as two bottles of premium Madagascan cola and two stunning glasses so you can create the perfect rum drinking experience from the comfort of your home. 


JJ Whitley Gold Filtered Russian Vodka

J.J Whitley Gold Artisanal Russian Vodka is made using the very best quality Russian winter wheat and water from their Artisan well. It then goes through a unique process whereby it slowly passes through a filter of the most exemplary gold silk thread. Elevate your drinking experience to new heights with this premium vodka. Distilled & bottled in St Petersburg with warming spice and a rich, smooth taste, this modern Russian vodka is the perfect luxury addition to any cocktail.

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Mermaid Salt Vodka

Mermaid Salt Vodka is shot through with a pinch of locally sourced sea salt, enhancing its smoothness and accentuating its subtle flavour, like the gentle kiss of a mermaid. Breathe in the fresh sea air and savour a hint of the ocean on your lips. Distinctive and unique, Mermaid Salt Vodka is a favourite with creative mixologists, adding a hint of sea air to their creations. A delicate vein of salt creates a back note that makes Mermaid Salt Vodka an essential ingredient for any well-stocked back bar.

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Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow is the world's first Pure Milk Vodka. Made from what is leftover from milk when making cheese, it has an exceptionally smooth and creamy character. It is made in West Dorset from the milk of cows that graze on the fields surrounding the Black Cow distillery. Black Cow is the original spirit to champion sustainability: it is whey, a by-product of the cheese-making process, that makes this vodka so gloriously smooth. By combining the ancient Mongolian tradition of making alcohol from fermented milk with the Northern European tradition of making high proof, clear, clean vodka.

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AU Black Grape Vodka

Au Vodka Black Grape Vodka is an award-winning vodka made with the highest quality black grapes to create a sweet and unique vodka. Blending the finest British black grapes with natural spring water from deep in the South Down hills in England. Au Black Grape is sippable on the rocks, paired with lemonade or breathing character into any cocktail.

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Vodka Miniatures Hamper

Experience some of the finest vodkas with our Vodka Miniatures Hamper. This vodka gift set features a brilliant selection of vodka miniatures that have been hand-selected for their complexity and unique flavour profiles. A great way to try out some new cocktails or discover a new favourite, this vodka hamper is the perfect luxury gift for any vodka enthusiast and is ideal for any special occasion.

JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka, Mixers & Glasses Gift Set Hamper

The JJ Whitley Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka, Mixers & Glasses Gift Set Hamper allows you to enjoy this premium berry flavoured vodka the way you want to. Drink JJ Whitley's Blue Raspberry Russian Vodka with either a zesty premium lemonade or a Madagascan Cola, poured into our distinctive Diablo Hiball Vodka Glass to complete the experience. 

Luxury Circumstantial Organic Vodka Gift Set

The star of this hamper is Circumstantial Organic Vodka, a clean vodka with a touch of sweetness on the palate and a light buttermilk finish. This vodka gift hamper comes with Madagascan cola, premium lemonade and two stunning glasses so you can create your favourite cocktails at home. We have also included a selection of luxurious treats and nibbles making this is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day and the perfect present for any hard-to-buy-for friend, family member, or colleague.

You can browse our entire range of alcohol bottles here and visit Tipple Hamper Co to see more brilliant gift hampers.


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