As the excitement builds for the coronation of King Charles III, people all over the country are planning their street parties to celebrate this momentous occasion. While there are many important elements to consider when planning a street party, one thing that is sure to be on everyone's mind is what to drink. That's where Tipple Cellar comes in. With a vast selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to choose from, we've got you covered. In this blog, we'll be sharing our top picks for drinks to have at your royal street party, whether you're looking for something classic, refreshing, or a little bit fancy. So let's raise a glass to the new king and get ready to celebrate in style!


Champagne is the quintessential choice for toasting to our new king at a royal street party. There's something about the bubbles and the shimmering gold colour of the champagne that adds to the celebratory atmosphere. The Bollinger Special Cuvée is a particularly excellent choice. Its aromatic and complex nose, with ripe fruit and spicy brioche notes, makes it an elegant and sophisticated option for the occasion. Best served chilled, this champagne is truly delicious and is sure to be a hit with guests as they raise their glasses to the new king. It's a timeless and classic choice that will make the moment feel all the more special. Bollinger is also a preferred brand of the royals.


Boodles British Gin is a classic London dry gin that's perfect for a coronation celebration. This gin has a long history of being enjoyed by the royals, including the Queen Mother and the newly crowned King Charles III. Boodles Gin is made from an exceptionally pure spirit that's made from British wheat. It's re-distilled in a Carter Head copper still, which allows the botanicals to gently infuse into the spirit. The result is a smooth yet herbaceous flavour that balances out the strong piney tones from juniper. The juniper flavour is quite forward and evident in this very clean and traditional London dry gin, which also gives way to a spicy aftertaste. With its royal connections and delicious flavour, Boodles Gin is the perfect choice for a celebratory gin and tonic at a coronation street party.


Cockburn's Fine Ruby Port is a perfect addition to any royal street party, as port is a well-known favourite among the royals. Cockburn's has been a leader in the port industry for centuries, with a reputation for producing a wide variety of delicious port wines. Their Fine Ruby Port is a perfect example of the quality and complexity that Cockburn's is known for. This port is aged in oak for two to three years, using a blend of young wines from various vintages, before being released to the public. The result is a bright and fruity flavour that pairs well with a variety of foods or can be enjoyed on its own. The Fine Ruby Port is a perfect choice for a royal street party toast, offering a rich and complex flavour that is sure to impress.


When hosting a royal street party, it's important to offer a variety of drinks to cater to everyone's tastes. While champagne, gin, and port are great choices, it's also a good idea to offer some alternative options, such as cider. Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider is a great choice for those who enjoy a refreshing and modern take on this classic drink. This new beverage features a blend of London Cidery apples, resulting in a bubbly, bright, vibrant, and punchy taste that is sure to impress. Cider is a well-loved drink in the UK and offering a high-quality option like Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider can add an extra touch to your royal street party.


The royal family has been known to appreciate a diverse range of wines from various regions and producers across the globe. Bordeaux wines from France have been a particular favourite, with the late Queen showing a preference for them. Chateau Bellecroix Bordeaux Superieur Red Wine is an excellent choice for a royal street party, as it offers a medium-bodied blend with notes of blackcurrant, tobacco, and violet, providing a rich and spicy flavour. The wine is carefully crafted and bottled at the Chateau, located close to Bordeaux, France, making it an authentic and fitting tribute to the royal family's love for Bordeaux wines.

Soft Beverages

It's always important to offer non-alcoholic options at any party, and especially at a street party where people of all ages may be attending. Summer House has a fantastic range of soft beverages that are perfect for any occasion. Their Misty Lemonade is a refreshing and delicious option that can even be used to make a glass of classic Pimms. They offer a wide variety of flavours, including Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Beer, St. Clements, and other types of lemonade.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in providing some ideas for the perfect drinks to enjoy at your royal street party. Remember, it's important to offer a variety of options to suit everyone's tastes and preferences. Whether you opt for a classic gin and tonic, a refreshing cider, a bold red wine, or a delicious soft drink, make sure to celebrate in style and enjoy the occasion to the fullest. Cheers to a wonderful celebration!


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