Spring is here, and it's time to break out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, and enjoy some refreshing drinks with friends and family. At the Tipple Cellar, we understand the importance of finding the perfect beverage to complement the beautiful weather and budding flowers of the season. With over thousands of different and unique brands to choose from, we've got you covered with everything from light and crisp beers to fruity cocktails.

When it comes to spring drinks, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Firstly, you want something refreshing and easy to drink. After a long winter, you don't want anything too heavy or complicated. Secondly, seasonal ingredients like citrus, berries, and mint are always a great choice for adding a touch of brightness and freshness. Finally, it's important to choose a drink that fits the occasion - whether you're planning a BBQ, picnic, or just a lazy afternoon on the porch. This guide will take you through the best drinks for spring time.

Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is a popular and classic choice for spring, and for good reason. It's light, refreshing, and pairs perfectly with springtime meals and outdoor gatherings. At The Tipple Cellar, we offer a premium canned rosé wine option that's perfect for any springtime occasion - the Canned Wine Co. Grenache Rosé No.3 Rosé Wine.

Not only is this rosé wine delicious and of high quality, but its can form makes it incredibly convenient and easy to transport to barbecues or garden parties. The wine itself is a crisp, dry rosé from the Pays d'Oc, boasting delicate aromas of clementine, wild strawberries, and butterscotch. On the palate, you'll experience fresh grapefruit acidity, warm pepper spice, and juicy orange citrus with a smooth and silky finish.

What's more, this rosé wine is 100% vegan-friendly, making it a great option for anyone looking for a plant-based beverage. It's a must-try for all the Provence Rosé lovers out there, offering a delicious and sophisticated drinking experience that's perfect for sipping in the spring sunshine.


Champagne is always a popular choice for celebrations and special occasions, but it's also a perfect drink for spring. At The Tipple Cellar, we offer a wide range of champagne brands, from popular names like Moet & Chandon with their Impérial Brut, to the luxurious Bollinger and their Special Cuvée Champagne. These brands are not only aromatic but also have distinctive and flavourful profiles that make them perfect for any spring celebration.

One of the best ways to enjoy champagne during spring is by adding a strawberry. This adds a burst of sweetness and flavour to the drink, complementing the bubbles and acidity of the champagne. You can also mix champagne with other juices or fruits to create refreshing spring cocktails. For those who prefer a drier taste, we recommend Moet & Chandon's Impérial Brut, which has hints of green apple and citrus flavours, making it a perfect pairing with light spring dishes like salads or seafood. If you prefer a richer, more complex taste, then Bollinger's Special Cuvée Champagne is a perfect choice. This champagne has a tangy intensity of green apple and citrus fruit with the freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers.


As the weather warms up and the days get longer, there's nothing quite like a refreshing gin and tonic to quench your thirst. Gin is a versatile spirit that pairs well with a variety of mixers and garnishes, making it the perfect drink for spring. At The Tipple Cellar, we offer a range of gins to suit all tastes, from classic London Dry gins to more experimental and flavoured varieties.

One of our favourites is the Sipsmith London Dry Gin, which offers a refreshing and crisp taste that's perfect for sipping on a sunny afternoon. With its floral, summer meadow notes and mellow rounded juniper, this gin is the epitome of springtime. On the nose, you'll detect zesty, citrus freshness that leads to a dry juniper flavour, before revealing hints of lemon tart and orange marmalade. The flavours all harmonise beautifully, making this gin a must-try for any gin lover.

To enjoy the Sipsmith London Dry Gin at its best, mix with a premium tonic water and garnish with a slice of fresh lime or cucumber. Alternatively, try adding a sprig of rosemary or thyme for a more herbaceous twist.


Spring is the perfect time to indulge in refreshing and light cocktails. After a long and cold winter, it's time to embrace the sunshine and warmer temperatures with a cocktail in hand. Nothing beats the classic and refreshing taste of a mojito or margarita, and we have the perfect pre-mixed options for you to enjoy. Our Bar Buoy Mojito Cocktail (1 litre) is made with White Rum, Agave Syrup, Lime Juice, and Mint, creating a deliciously crisp and invigorating taste. With a capacity of 1 litre, there is plenty to go around, making it the perfect choice for spring BBQs or garden parties.

Alternatively, you can try our Bar Buoy Margarita Cocktail (1 litre) for a unique and refreshing taste that perfectly captures the essence of spring. Made with 100% Agave Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave Syrup, and Lime Juice, this cocktail is bursting with flavour and is perfect for sharing with friends and family. It's no surprise that this cocktail has been awarded a 3-star Great Taste Award and Gold in the Taste of the West Awards, as it truly captures the spirit of spring in every sip.

In conclusion, we hope that these suggestions have helped you find the perfect spring drink to enjoy during this beautiful season. Whether it's a crisp and refreshing Rosé Wine, a luxurious Champagne, a classic Gin and Tonic, or a delicious and refreshing cocktail, The Tipple Cellar has you covered with our wide selection of unique and premium brands. We understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences, which is why we offer over 1000 different types of alcohol. So, take a moment to explore our collection and find the perfect drink to suit your taste buds.


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