You may be familiar with pink gin, but have you tried other gin flavours? There is a wide range of gins bursting with different flavours just waiting to be discovered. From the fragrant and floral to the spicy and herbaceous, all of the gins we mention in the blog post have been tried and tested by our team to ensure we are only recommending the very best.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin is an innovative and alluring gin handcrafted with the world’s rarest citrus. Expertly balances bright and zesty notes of Buddha’s Hand with enticingly rich notes of Natsu Dai Dai, subtly sweetened with Hirado Buntan. 

A naturally distilled and masterfully blended spirit, which balances bright and zesty with subtly sweet and blends enticingly rich with delicately spiced for a refreshingly distinctive and beautifully aromatic gin.

Effervescent lemon sherbet & bittersweet orange balance out, swiftly followed by piney juniper & peppery spice, with touches of woody citrus in tow. Serve with a generous handful of ice, top with Indian tonic water & garnish with a twist of grapefruit zest.

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6 O'Clock Mango, Ginger and Lime Gin

A deliciously moreish gin packed with flavour, 6 O'Clock Mango, Ginger and Lime Gin was made in collaboration with celebrated chef Romy Gill MBE to craft a gin that portrays the unique flavours of India,

It has been made using herbs and spices commonly found in Indian cooking and the gin has been infused with the juice from the native mango.

The recipe is inspired by the memoirs of Romy and strikes the perfect balance between rich fruity sweetness and reserved spice. Enjoy this delicious gin as a G&T over plenty of ices and garnished with a slice of fresh mango.

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Barbican Botanics Tropical Gin

Barbican Botanics Tropical Gin is an Old Tom style gin is super smooth, slightly sweet and bursting with tropical flavours of mango, passion fruit and pineapple.

Serve this delicious gin with a premium tonic water and fresh passion fruit for a refreshing and tropical take on a traditional G&T.

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Wessex Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin

Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin is created with fresh gooseberry juice and distilled elderflower in a vacuum still. This method carefully extracts the delicate flavours by using higher pressures at lower temperatures, for the purest result.

The gooseberry flavour is sweet and zingy, perfectly balanced by the fragrant elderflower. These flavours complement each other well to create a bittersweet blend that isn’t overpowering.

This Gooseberry and Elderflower Gin is best kept simple. Add a generous amount of ice, a double measure, top with either an elderflower tonic or a light tonic, and finished with a twist of lemon.  

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Tarquin's British Blackberry Gin

A celebration of the Great British Blackberry. Multi award-wining Tarquin's Cornish Gin is first distilled in tiny batches, then lovingly infused with the best and most brilliant berries around to produce Tarquin's British Blackberry Gin.

A nose of blackberry crumble, wild berries and candied spice. Crisp juniper, tart summer pudding and sweet frangipani. A touch of local Cornish wildflower honey is finally added for balance and subtle sweetness.

Ideal as a Tarquin's Blackberry Spritz served with sparkling wine, soda, and garnished with fresh mint and blackberries. Also, try long over ice with Sicilian Lemonade or as a signature Blackberry Bramble.

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Cuckoo Sunshine Gin

Buzzing with natural honey produced by Lancashire Honeybees, and infused with mouthwatering raspberries, refreshingly smooth Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is a wonderfully sweet and summery spirit.

This is a traditionally distilled gin, which is strong on juniper and lemon, almonds and vanilla give a creamy, nutty and sweet taste, whilst angelica, orris, cinnamon and orange keep it nice and traditional.

Sunshine offers big hits of raspberry, lemon, vanilla, elderflower and a subtle sweetness from the honey. Serve this gin with ice, a light Mediterranean tonic, raspberries and a slice of Lemon for sunshine in a glass.

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Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons Gin

Created by The Wild Beer Co. in collaboration with Psychopomp microdistillery. Wild Beer Sleeping Lemons Gin has been inspired by Sleeping Lemons Beer and gets its distinctive flavour from preserved lemons.

The botanical mix is steeped overnight in a British wheat-based spirit and distilled the following day.

The undiluted spirit/gin rests overnight and on the third day, it is diluted down to 40% ABV using filtered water and intense liquor consisting of caper brine, citric acid, sugar and salt.

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Trevethan Grapefruit & Lychee Cornish Gin

Trevethan Grapefruit and Lychee Cornish Gin is a smooth and balanced gin based on the classic Trevethan family recipe, with the added citrus sweetness of exotic grapefruit and lychee.

The distillers have incorporated delicious notes of grapefruit and lychee into the recipe, resulting in a full-flavoured spirit that will stand out brilliantly through any tonic you throw at it.

Big citrus influence, tempered by earthy juniper and vanilla pod. Zesty tropical fruit and a hint of spring blossom freshness. The result is a beautifully fragrant 1920s gin fit for the 21st century, meticulously crafted and bottled by hand.

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Caspyn Marmalade Old Tom Gin

This gin takes the archetypal flavour of the Seville orange and distils it with a gorgeous combination of botanicals, infused with more Seville Orange peel. Caspyn Marmalade Old Tom Gin is a citrus-forward, contemporary gin built on the backbone of a British tradition.

Old Tom Gin, as a style, is a little sweeter than a London Dry. This is no exception, but not too sweet to put off the gin purists out there. Infused with traditional marmalade for two weeks, the ABV is brought down to 40% with hand-squeezed orange juice.

The result is a smooth, citrus-forward gin with a mouthfeel well rounded enough to drink by itself, with tonic, in a Negroni or, in the cold of winter, a Marmalade Hot Toddy.

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Masons English Lavender Gin

Inspired by Yorkshire’s lavender fields, Masons was the first premium gin to introduce lavender as a lead flavour botanical. This unique innovation created a beautifully balanced gin, floral in style, and since launching in 2015, Masons Lavender Edition has never looked back.

Subtle notes of juniper with fresh, herbal undertones. These are lifted with lime and sweet citrus, as well as delicate notes of aromatic lavender.

For a delicious G&T, we recommend serving with plenty of ice, Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water and garnish with a twist of lime zest. Alternatively, for a more warming serve, top with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale.

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