Summer BBQ's are the perfect time to enjoy some good food, socialise with friends & family and enjoy a great tipple or two. Drinks are a great choice to greet your guests for your event and also gets the party started. Your garden guests won't want to leave after trying your special BBQ drinks.


The perfect tipple to kick off the perfect BBQ is the Lemonade Shandy. It's highly likely that you are going to have beers and lemonades at your party, so why not spruce it up and mix it together? We recommend the lemonade to be paired with our BREWDOG HAZY JANE IPA. This IPA is super smooth and has delicious notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of tangerine to mix it up. A real summer treat!


We all love a great G&T, and it is also known to be a great drink in hot weather. What's more is that we have chosen your G&T to be paired with the best gin. Not only is the Mermaid Zest Gin our best selling gin, it is also their newest release too. This zesty gin is filled with summer citrus fruits and wild foraged, coastal botanicals. Simply add your favourite tonic and ice, and you'll have the best summer drink.

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

You cannot have a great G&T without having the best tonic. To accompany the Gin we recommended above, we have picked our Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water. It's clean and fresh with a citrus and aromatic hint, perfect for a zesty gin.


A classic summer cocktail. The Margarita is the perfect choice for your summer BBQ and we have chosen our EL RAYO PLATA TEQUILA to complete the mix.


VIVIR Tequila Añejo

Vivir is a premium tequila full of sophistication and flavour. Think Mexico meets Britain. They only select the sweetest Weber Blue Agave and natural local water from a volcanic spring that rises in the heart of their distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Did we mention it's also our best selling tequila too? It is a great summer choice and is perfect simply over ice!

VIVIR Tequila Añejo

White Sangria - Canned Wine Co. Viognier No.2 White Wine

At BBQ's sometimes we can have lots of leftovers and these tend to include the wines. So why not make a delicious drink out of it? The White Sangria is a classic and tasty summer drink, that is a great addition to your summer BBQ. We highly recommend the Canned Wine Co's Viognier No.2 White Wine - our best selling white wine! Simply add the white wine, ½ cup of brandy, ¼ cup orange liquor and 2 table spoons of sugar. Stir well until sugar is dissolved. Serve over ice - it's that simple and is the very taste of summer!

Viognier 2020


Wanting to serve cocktails at your BBQ but don't want the hassle of making anything? Then this is the perfect solution for you. Bar Buoy has created the perfect pre-mixed cocktail in the Burnt Orange Martini. No mess. No stress. Simply open, pour and enjoy. What's not to love?

Vodka Lemonade - Mermaid Salt Vodka

A very cooling and refreshing drink. The Vodka Lemonade is a fabulous addition to your BBQ. Mermaid Salt Vodka has a small pinch of sea salt, creating a perfectly smooth and delicious drink. Or if you're feeling adventurous, why not add it to cocktails, or a classic dirty martini?


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